S1 Vertical Gravity Fed Roasted Coffee Destoner 
Custom Built, Cost effective first destoner, a backup or second
Thanks for your interest in the S1 Roasted Coffee Destoner.

As you know the current destoners are only suitable with the same size roaster machine.

When you upgrade you have to upgrade the destoner or purchase a large one from the beginning tying up cash flow.

I started designing and manufacturing these machine due to the lack of available low cost machine that could be used when upgrading to a bigger roaster machine.

This machine will grow with you when you upgrade your roaster in the future.

I have included here information to some of the question you might already have about the S1.

If you would like to go ahead reply in due course or after reading the below points email me with the best time to call you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

  • It will destone 18kg of roasted coffee in about 9 to 10mins.
  • This depends on the density of roasted coffee, Colombian coffee beans are bigger and heavier and can take up to 10mins for 18kg.
  • All S1 Destoners come with a speed controller so it’s up to the individual how fast they’d like to destone. The same as per Vacuum systems; the slower you can allow the better.
  • You should start destoning once the roasted coffees in your cooling try are cooled enough to touch and continue roasting and destoning all day.
  • The Motor is very much quieter than your average home Vacuum cleaner.
  • 5 Year warranty on motor
  • You can see here (base model, painted blue colour) on my facebook page. The coffee inside my 20kg Roaster is louder than the Destoner’s motor.

The S1 roasted coffee destoners can be viewed by appointment at our warehouse U46/ 3 Kelso Cres, Moorebank, NSW.
  • Custom Built
  • Cost Effective
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Stored Away
  • Non Stop Destoning
  • No Vacuum Chamber to Discharge
S1 roasted coffee destoners accommodate roasters as low as 500mm.
  • Directly into tubs of choice.
  • No transferring between tubs.
  • Saving double handing and lifting.
No chambers to discharge, straight to your final storage tub.
  • It is gravity fed directly from your roaster’s chute, through the system and into your final storage tub.
  • The beans are gently lifted up and out of the system leaving anything heavier than roasted coffee behind.
  • Roasted coffee beans are not damaged as there is nothing in the tubing to collide against.
  • As for specification, the Base model suits coffee roaster machines with a chute at a height of around  57 to 62cm at the lowest point.
  • Can go lower to 51  to 45cm with additional tubing. See photos.
  • Most importan this machine will grow with you when you upgrade your roaster.
  • Weight of the Destoner is less than 9kg. Put it away if not using it. I keep my one permanently on the roaster as it is very small.
  • Only takes up  80cm foot print and 80cm height.

  • 5yrs warranty on Motor.

  • Comes  with a Eazy Reach on/off switch and a Nose diffuser sock to make ensure your roasted coffee lands in your storage tub.

  • I will need to know the height of your roaster Chute (where the beans come out) See “Height Check” photos. And the height of your tubs as it will destone to a height of 1mrt with additional long tubing.

  • For the base model, no colour, galvanized metal currently selling AUD$2,975.00+GST